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Rutherford Rede is a firm with history, strength and leadership in investment strategy and financial planning.

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From the outset our advice has been distinguished by its arms-length nature and the fact that we always put the client's interest first, a claim few advisory groups can make in this age of distribution chains and large financial groups. To the side of this page in the boxes, you will find more detail on specific areas of advice. Below our investment philosophy and approach is detailed.

Rutherford Rede are practitioners of the ‘asset class’ approach to portfolio construction. Steeped in academic learning and analysis, asset class investing acknowledges that different asset sectors generate different returns over time as well as different degrees of volatility. Blending asset classes into one portfolio allows volatility to be ameliorated through counter-cyclical offsets and negative correlations between different asset types. We seek sustainable growth by drawing the returns each asset class delivers whilst minimising cost and taxes.

Empirical evidence demonstrates clearly that active fund management that sets out to constantly outperform the market rarely delivers above the costs incurred. Whilst it is satisfying to believe that some have the ability to pick certain winning stocks and to time their way in and out of markets, thus making excessive returns, many respected analysts and journalists have concluded that this is altogether mythical. A hope and approach that is rarely realised by investors but often exploited by those that claim to be successful.