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Responsible Investing

Rutherford Rede keeps abreast of client needs and goals, and we recognise that investors are becoming more wary of the impact of their investing. Rutherford Rede has shown leadership in this field by implementing a Responsible Investing (RI) strategy and process. Rutherford Rede, as a leader in the field of investment, has taken steps to spearhead Responsible Investing.

RI strategy and thinking has moved away from simple negative screening of areas like tobacco, gambling, alcohol towards a dynamic ‘ESG’ approach which values companies based on their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policies. Rutherford Rede recognises ESG as the main RI measure, akin to the creed of the United Nations Policies for Responsible Investing (UNPRI).

Having developed a charter of our firm's beliefs, we have now finalised the portfolio construction of an RI portfolio.This process will be ongoing, and as thinking changes around RI and information available develops, so will our processes. We believe that our first step is leading the pack in New Zealand, as we will not wait for a perfect solution to decide to take action in offering a RI investment option.

At present, three Rutherford Rede advisers are members of the Responsible Investing Association Australasia (RIAA). This organisation assists us down the path of Responsible Investing, providing guidance and checks on our processes. Rutherford Rede will be applying for certification in the upcoming months. Visit the RIAA website to find out more about the organisation, and look for our advisers on the website.

To speak to us about our RI beliefs and portfolio options, please contact us.