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Spotlight on financial resilience

Posted by: Monique A. Pearson, General Manager at Rutherford Rede in event

22 August 2018

Thinking about your personal finances and planning for your future can often feel like you are walking head-on into a blizzard. Join Rutherford Rede Authorised Financial Advisers Dina Buelow and Will Sargent as they provide you with tools to help you spring calmly towards the retirement you want. The event will cover topics such as......

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Can the Kiwi fly again?

Posted by: Aaron Drew, Economist and Rutherford Rede Investment Committee Member in finance

16 August 2018

The Reserve Bank’s recent announcement was a surprise to financial markets, who were perhaps less concerned about downside trade risks, and more focused on evidence that wages and inflation are rising in our economy. Balancing risks is always a fine judgm...

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