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Why women live longer than men

Posted by: Henry Ford in opinion

30 September 2019

Women, it seems, live longer than men. The mortality statistics confirm this. We explore this topic by looking at a place like Sardina. There, men live as long as women, and the chance of living to be 100 is six times more likely than in the US! ...

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The best deal in town!

Posted by: Henry Ford in opinion

13 September 2019

Paying off your home loan is one of the most under-rated investment choices there is. Plus, lowering your home loan lowers the need for insurance, which lowers the premiums you have to pay. ...

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Cash is always king

Posted by: Henry Ford in opinion

09 September 2019

Back in the day when we worked with cash, day-to-day control of cash was easy. Simply take some money out of the bank at the start of the week, and make it last all week. It was simple to see how you were tracking. How times have changed....

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Winter Insights 2019

Posted by: Rutherford Rede in insights

25 July 2019

In NZ, the slowing global economy and downside risks should be seen as less of a concern. Current annual growth is running around 2.5% and the RBNZ in its latest Monetary Policy Statement expects this rate to pick up to around 3% over the next year....

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Brain fitness - what you can do about it

Posted by: Rutherford Rede

27 June 2019

Jude Walter, an accredited Brain Fit Coach, was interviewed by Newstalk ZB on the subject of brain fit. The interview deals with the brain and strategies to improve its performance, particularly as we grow older. The link - if you want to listen to the interview - is here:

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Autumn Insights 2019

Posted by: Rutherford Rede in insights

25 April 2019

Despite a cooling housing market and weak business confidence levels, upside growth potential remains in New Zealand given the huge backlog of housing and infrastructure spending that is in the pipeline. ...

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Taxing Times

Posted by: Aaron Drew, Economist and Rutherford Rede Investment Committee Member in finance

08 March 2019

Most commentaries in the media since the TWG released its final report has been negative, to say the least. The government itself has also been quick to distance itself from any specific recommendations. Politics will clearly be the major deciding factor ...

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The real cost of clutter

Posted by: Monique A. Pearson, General Manager at Rutherford Rede in opinion

05 February 2019

The New Year is a time for reflection, for change, for making plans. This is the best time of year to reflect on what’s been going on and what you would like to do differently. It can be a very dynamic time with shifts and changes taking place. ...

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Summer Insights 2019

Posted by: Rutherford Rede in insights

31 January 2019

The very strong returns markets have enjoyed since around 2011 came to a crashing halt in the December quarter. Large declines occurred in equity markets in the month of October and then again in December....

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