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Global population at 2100

Posted by: Henry Ford in opinion

30 October 2020

As we reflect on a world disrupted by Covid and with our population being bolstered by returning Kiwis, and Kiwis staying home, the effect of ever-increasing people on a planet with finite resources seems worthy as a discussion topic....

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Health, Happiness and Having A Good Life!

Posted by: Monique Pearson, General Manager, Rutherford Rede in opinion

27 January 2020

If you're like most people, you want to be happy and feel satisfied with your life. The search for happiness is universal. We plan holidays, seek partners, buy the latest gadgets, all with the hope that these choices will make us happy....

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Why Kiwi families need to talk more about money!

Posted by: William Sargent in opinion

11 November 2019

My family never used to talk about money. It wasn’t until my Dad, who was well respected in Estate Planning, was diagnosed with a terminal illness that we first spoke about it. ...

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Why women live longer than men

Posted by: Henry Ford in opinion

30 September 2019

Women, it seems, live longer than men. The mortality statistics confirm this. We explore this topic by looking at a place like Sardina. There, men live as long as women, and the chance of living to be 100 is six times more likely than in the US! ...

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Cash is always king

Posted by: Henry Ford in opinion

09 September 2019

Back in the day when we worked with cash, day-to-day control of cash was easy. Simply take some money out of the bank at the start of the week, and make it last all week. It was simple to see how you were tracking. How times have changed....

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Brain fitness - what you can do about it

Posted by: Rutherford Rede in insights

27 June 2019

Jude Walter, an accredited Brain Fit Coach, was interviewed by Newstalk ZB on the subject of brain fit. The interview deals with the brain and strategies to improve its performance, particularly as we grow older. The link - if you want to listen to the interview - is here:

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Middle-aged can reduce heart risk with exercise

Posted by: Monique A. Pearson, General Manager at Rutherford Rede in opinion

17 September 2018

Physical activity has long been known to reduce the risk of developing heart disease, stroke, and type-2 diabetes. Another important reason is that exercise changes the brain in ways that protect memory and thinking skills. ...

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