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Corporate Executive Planning

The largest asset most of us will ever own is our ability to earn an income over our working life, which for many will be 40 years plus. The maths is not difficult – an average annual income of $100,000 is $4m and $150,000 is $6m of gross income over a lifetime. Tax at an average of 25% leaves net incomes of $3m and $4.5m approximately and respectively.

Looking at an earning ability in this light sharply focuses one’s mind on ways to capitalise on and to accumulate part of this rather than frittering it away on consumables and the lures of a grand lifestyle.

We encourage corporate executives to have a written financial plan. A commitment to this document will ensure that high-income earning years are the source of a substantial part of retirement capital. Having your own long-term portfolio of diversified assets will allow you to accumulate smartly and decisively and by tracking progress against your plan you will see with some discipline how a safe and secure retirement can be created.

This is of particular importance to those executives who are unfortunate enough to be made redundant in the process. Those facing redundancy can find the transition tough, often needing counselling and advice around regaining employment, or starting a business, and how to deal with the day-to-day challenges of being income short. Managing cash flows, managing debt, finding alternative safe options for corporate superannuation, tax issues around redundancy payments will be questions for which you will need practical answers and guidance.