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KiwiSaver and Superannuation

We can assist in the process of explaining the options, the benefits, projecting future growth and accumulation and steering applicants towards preferred solutions. Rutherford Rede advisers are strongly committed to the prospect of a future mandatory superannuation system. Meanwhile KiwiSaver is the only government incentivised option available to Kiwis.

With its minimum contribution at 3% per annum for those on salary or wages and at any voluntary level for others who are self-employed, or non-earners, the attractions of KiwiSaver are material and real.There are few valid reasons for anyone under the age of 65 not to be members of a KiwiSaver Superannuation Scheme.

Those saving towards retirement must use the KiwiSaver route for at least part of their programme so that they maximise employer contributions and the government incentives available. We can highlight these for you to ensure you fully benefit from the various permutations you can choose. Self employed individuals have good reason to be part of this inititiative.