Rutherford Rede Clients

Our Clients

Our clients have one common aim – to gain clarity and confidence in their financial futures and to partner with someone who is committed to those goals.

Rutherford Rede: Sale of Business Proceeds

Sale of Business Proceeds

This story speaks to an example of a couple who sold their business and as a result had a large sum of funds in the bank. This crossroads experience is something many of our clients go through when they approach us for advice. How did Rutherford Rede approach this? Read more by clicking this box.

Rutherford Rede: Middle-Aged Accumulators

Middle-Aged Accumulators

Rutherford Rede works with people from various situations. Those of blended families, with teenage children, or a strong combined earnings ability whilst making inroads into mortgage debt. Read more by clicking this box to see what options you have for your savings and also to discover the importance of long term planning.

Rutherford Rede: Relationship Separation

Relationship Separation

This can be a tough time for either party and a time of much uncertainty and lack of clarity. Over many years we have advised a host of individuals, who have emerged, sometimes still feeling vulnerable, from a relationship where often the key financial decisions were made by their spouse. Read more by clicking this box.