Community Focus

We actively contribute to our local community and support a range of charities motivated either by individual team interests or collectively as a firm.

Dementia New Zealand First Foundation
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From the outset our advice has been distinguished by its arms-length nature and the fact that we always put the client's interest first, a claim few advisory groups can make in this age of distribution chains and large financial groups.

Our Services

Personal Financial Planning

One of the central plinths to our business is creating a financial plan. It involves the financial mapping of a client’s short, medium and longer term needs an... Read more

Charitable and Not-For-Profit

Our clients are also not just individuals, with charities, churches and companies forming a significant part of our client base. We tailor advice and recommend... Read more

Portfolio Design

Embarking on an investment strategy with us is an investment journey. We invest your funds in a portfolio, with a diversified mix of assets that are a tried and... Read more

Consultancy and Third Party Review

Our length of experience and years of true independence draw us frequently into reviews of existing portfolios. Trustees especially see our service as a valida... Read more

KiwiSaver and Superannuation

We can assist in the process of explaining the options, the benefits, projecting future growth and accumulation and steering applicants towards preferred soluti... Read more

Corporate Executive Planning

The largest asset most of us will ever own is our ability to earn an income over our working life, which for many will be 40 years plus. The maths is not diffic... Read more

UK and Australian Pension Transfers

We are very well versed in evaluating options for those with UK and Australian Pensions and who are considering bringing those entitlements to New Zealand; a fl... Read more

Responsible Investing

Investors are becoming increasingly aware of the impact of their investing. Rutherford Rede has shown leadership in this field by implementing a Responsible In... Read more

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How to protect your nest egg in volatile times

When the stock market is volatile, people often wonder what's going to happen to retirement money they've worked so hard to save and invest. In this 6-minute video clip, Josh Brown talks about how to protect your nest egg in volatile times.

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