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Our practice has chosen to focus on creating a truly professional financial advice firm that is wholly owned by its partners. We are dedicated to providing exceptional advice and support services to simplify the management of our clients’ financial affairs.

Evidence Based, Bespoke Advice

Everyone we work with is unique and has their own goals, values, and perspectives. We strive to reflect the individual characteristics of each client in their financial plan while also incorporating the latest portfolio management techniques and strategies. Our philosophy is rooted in proven methodology, academic research, and a continuous cycle of review.

No Competing

Unlike many of our financial advisory peers that operate under a sales model, when you work with a Rutherford Rede Adviser, you can trust that our sole focus is providing you with the best advice. We are a fee for service business meaning we do not accept incentives or commissions from third parties – this means the investments we select are chosen in our client’s best interest.

Leaders in Best Practice

We prioritise following global best practice within our Industry. Our firm is CEFEX certified and operates a Discretionary Investment Management Service License (DIMS). As part of these Licenses, we voluntarily undertake annual audits by independent experts.

Our Human Capital
Defines Us

Cumulatively our advisers have over 100 years of advice experience over many market cycles. We prioritise a partnership-style approach and maintain a team culture that emphasizes high performance and collaboration. We believe that having the right people is essential, and we prioritise hiring individuals who possess a unique combination of technical skills, business acumen, and emotional intelligence. Our team members must possess a genuine desire to assist others and make a positive impact.

Rutherford Rede
91 College Hill, Ponsonby
Auckland, 1011, New Zealand

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