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We help people, Trusts and Charities at all stages of life. Our financial advisers are experts at helping find the path that is right for you. It all starts with a conversation.


Retirement planning can be a complex and challenging process, involving not only financial considerations, but also emotional ones.

There are many questions to consider such as: How much money will I need? When will I be able to retire? How can I structure my finances for tax efficiency? How will I adjust to not working? Should I phase into retirement through part-time work or stop working altogether?

We have assisted many individuals navigate this transition with confidence by ensuring they have sufficient retirement savings to achieve the lifestyle they desire.


Retirement is a time of joy and contentment, but for many retirees, it can be marred by concerns about their children, financial markets, political changes, and how to structure their legacy. Much of this anxiety can be alleviated by having a well-crafted retirement plan alongside a supportive adviser that’s with you for this chapter of life.

At Rutherford Rede we can help you identify and categorise your concerns into things that can be controlled and proactively managed.

Our main focus is on creating long-term strategic plans for retirees as well as constructing and managing investment portfolios.

Many people seek financial planning and investment advice only after settlement is agreed. Our experience is that engaging a financial planner early in the process as well as your legal advisers provides better outcomes.

We guide individuals through the process, helping you make informed decisions, enabling you take control of your future with a high level of confidence. While a solicitor handles the legal aspects of divorce, we consider both personal and financial consequences of those decisions to ensure you don’t compromise or impact your life going forward.

We work with professionals (Engineers, Medical, Accounting, Legal etc), Judges and Business owners. All of whom have busy professional lives, leaving little time to manage their personal finances.

Even if you have strong cash flow, you may feel that you’re not making the most of your earning potential. We can help you create a structured long-term plan and work closely with you to ensure you stay on track while ensuring that your plan adapts to your changing circumstances over time.

If you’re moving to New Zealand for the first time, or moving back to New Zealand or hold, for example, US tax obligations, there are a variety of financial and tax considerations to consider.

With increasing information sharing between tax regimes, it’s now important to structure your financial assets to maximize your long-term outcomes. We have extensive experience advising clients from various countries such as the US, UK, Australia, and many others.

We work with specialists to ensure our clients have access to the best advice possible.

We work with clients who simply have surplus funds to invest and little idea on what to do with it. We can assist people to craft an investment framework that reflects their personal investor profile and any investment objectives.


We have developed a programme which assists trustees to ensure they fulfil their investment and administration obligations in a prudent and defensible manner.

We have experience developing investment policy statements and governance frameworks to meet the trustees ‘prudent person obligations, while following global best practice through our CEFEX Certification.

We build and manage investment portfolios, provide reporting and ongoing reviews to ensure the best chance of meeting the trusts objectives.

We assist with the following types of trusts:

  • Family trusts
  • Enduring trusts for young or special/specific needs children
  • Grandchildren trusts
  • Estates
  • Fixed date
  • Business and Personal Trust

Ensuring that you are staying compliant with this responsibility can be daunting or burdensome to some people.

As an enduring power of attorney the law recognizes you as being in a fiduciary relationship with the ‘Donor’, meaning you must act with complete honesty, use reasonable care, and avoid any conflicts of interest.

Your primary duty is to promote and protect the Donor’s welfare and best interest.

Our CEFEX Certification, internal processes and regular audits dictate that we follow international best practice as well as staying up to date with any changes in law and best practice.

Along with our ongoing support you can have confidence that you are making defensible decisions in the best interest of the ‘donor’, while protecting yourself.

Charities &

Directors and fiduciaries of charities and foundations have a significant responsibility when it comes to managing and investing their organisation’s assets. They are accountable to a wide range of stakeholders who may have differing views on investing and varying levels of understanding and sophistication.

Developing the most suitable investment strategy requires a thorough understanding of the organisation’s goals, investment timeframe, income and capital needs, risk tolerance, restrictions, preferences, and sustainability considerations.

We have over 30 years of experience in advising fiduciaries, and we can assist boards with education, developing customized investment policy statements, governance frameworks to meet their “prudent person” obligations while following global best practice through our CEFEX Certification


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