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Better habits - better brain health

Posted by: Monique A. Pearson, General Manager at Rutherford Rede in opinion

23 October 2018

‚ÄčLifestyle has a profound impact on our brain health. What we eat, drink, how much we exercise, how well we sleep, the way we socialise, and how we manage stress are all critically important to our brain health....

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Insights Spring Edition 2018

Posted by: Rutherford Rede in insights

16 October 2018

Equity markets fly high again but have wobbled since. The pace of global growth remains strong and is expected to remain above trend levels, despite a clear escalation in the Trump Administration's trade war. ...

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Middle-aged can reduce heart risk with exercise

Posted by: Monique A. Pearson, General Manager at Rutherford Rede in opinion

17 September 2018

Physical activity has long been known to reduce the risk of developing heart disease, stroke, and type-2 diabetes. Another important reason is that exercise changes the brain in ways that protect memory and thinking skills. ...

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Spotlight on financial resilience

Posted by: Monique A. Pearson, General Manager at Rutherford Rede in event

22 August 2018

Thinking about your personal finances and planning for your future can often feel like you are walking head-on into a blizzard. Join Rutherford Rede Authorised Financial Advisers Dina Buelow and Will Sargent as they provide you with tools to help you spring calmly towards the retirement you want. The event will cover topics such as......

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Can the Kiwi fly again?

Posted by: Aaron Drew, Economist and Rutherford Rede Investment Committee Member in finance

16 August 2018

The Reserve Bank’s recent announcement was a surprise to financial markets, who were perhaps less concerned about downside trade risks, and more focused on evidence that wages and inflation are rising in our economy. Balancing risks is always a fine judgm...

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Insights Winter Edition

Posted by: Rutherford Rede in insights

13 July 2018

The pace of global growth slowed a touch over the June quarter, but overall conditions remain strong and consistent with global growth remaining above trend levels. Given the backdrop, global equities performed modestly well...

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Bangers to Bluff

Posted by: Phil Ashton in opinion

23 May 2018

Picture the scene. Twelve old cars purchased for less than $2,000 each, to be driven the length of New Zealand over twelve days using little-known highways and byways, stopping overnight at motels, attending formal welcomes and promoting Rotary ...

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Insights Autumn Edition

Posted by: Rutherford Rede in insights

16 April 2018

At the year ended December 2017, we reported that equity markets had closed on record highs, including in New Zealand and the United States. In the March quarter of 2018, we saw a reversal of fortune, with sell-offs in most equity markets...

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