Rutherford Rede Clients

Fellow Professionals

Relationships with fellow professionals are integral to our business and we work alongside accountants, lawyers and other specialists.

New Zealand Wide


Financial planning is incomplete without the organisation of legal affairs. For trusts it is a must. We work alongside lawyers who advise on legal matters, and many of our client referrals come from lawyers who entrust their clients to us.


Trusts, Charities and any non-natural entity frequently need a tax accountant.  Many feel very comfortable with us as we work always in clients’ best interests and cap our fees where we can on large portfolios.

Insurance Specialists

We work alongside Insurance Specialists who advise on matters that go beyond our scope, where we feel expertise in the insurance industry would be valuable.

Career Transition Specialists

We attract prospective clients through our longstanding association with career transition specialists.  Whether there is a redundancy involved or just a desire by the corporate to assist senior staff, or it is simply senior executives looking for their pathway to financial retirement.

Industry Specialists

The aforementioned professionals is not all-inclusive. There are of course many others that overlap into our space of work. We are happy to be approached by any industry groups and specialists in order to work together to provide guidance and structure to their senior employees.

Work With Us

Working with professionals in New Zealand is important to Rutherford Rede. Our advisers and are happy to meet with you if you have clients that may benefit from our services. If you would like to work with us, or would like to know about the seminar series we run, please get in touch.