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Rutherford Rede Advisers regularly contribute articles with their
opinions, advice and commentary on current economic events and trends.

The Unexpected Dive: A Look at Allbirds Inc.’s Returns

Some companies experience an unbelievable surge in popularity, with their valuations increasing a hundredfold in the first few years of existence. Visualise being invested in one of those companies, valued at over $4 billion US dollars shortly after listing on the stock exchange. Now, visualise that same company seeing a staggering 96.82% dip in returns not long after. This isn’t a hypothetical scenario; this is the real story of Allbirds Inc.

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Say “NO GO to FOMO”

FOMO is real, but the big mistake is having FOMO about the wrong things. Take it from no higher authority than the U. S Securities Commission. FOMO on missing out on investing is alternative assets is wasted energy. The best FOMO to have is when you miss out on planning for your future!

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Pursuing health and wealth

In the realms of health and investing, complexity and conflicting information often lead to confusion. Health and investing are closely aligned. Sufficient money without the health to enjoy it misses the objective.

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This is Why You Stay the Course

Last year was one of the worst years ever for financial markets. Call it recency or loss aversion or some other Daniel Kahneman bias but for some reason, our brains are hard-wired to assume big losses will be followed by additional losses (just like we assume big gains will be followed by additional gains)

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