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Rutherford Rede Advisers regularly contribute articles with their
opinions, advice and commentary on current economic events and trends.

Why Bonds Are Doing The Heavy Lifting

2022 was one of the worst years on record for performance in the global bond market. The Barclays U.S Aggregate Bond Index (a broad measure of the U.S. bond market) posted its worst year since records began in 1976, down 13%.

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The Six Point Crisis Management Plan

A normal pathway through life will deliver some unexpected crises. To say they are unexpected is perhaps not correct as we all expect to face problems at some point. It’s just that they arrive unexpectedly.

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The cost of keeping up with the Joneses

The tendency to compare your situation with those around you is ingrained in the human condition. Whether consciously or unconsciously, to some extent we all filter our decisions through a comparative lens.

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